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Filter caches excluding mine

We regularly get the question if it is possible to make a filter that excludes owned caches. At first sight this might seem impossible, but it is possible. In the Filter dialog you can add so called compound filters. You can nest other filters in such a compound filter row. Hold the option key (also called […]

iCaching 5.1.2

Today we release iCaching 5.1.2 in the Mac App store. Especially on Mac OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) there were several flaws that are fixed in this version. Apart from the fixes we also added some nice improvements. Improved: – Multiple logs for the same possible in Log Window – Can load field notes from Looking4Cache […]

iCaching 5.1

Today in the App Store: iCaching version 5.1 This version fixes the known rough edges of version 5 as mentioned in the release notes in the App Store. And we add a nice new feature: a Map on the Waypoints tab. Now you can see the location of the cache and the additional waypoints in one […]

iCaching 5.0.6

While waiting for the approval of iCaching 5.0.5 with bug fixes for the export bug and crash on sorting on coordinate, we fixed a lot of other issues. Because it will take a little while before those fixes can be in the App Store because of the (way too long) approval period Apple takes, I […]

iCaching 5.0.5

Last Thursday we released the long awaited version 5.0 and received a lot of enthousiast reactions. Although we tested a lot and had a beta period, there appeared to be a few issues with this version. Fortunately the database conversion issue we reported here before seems to be contained to just a few cases. We […]

Version 5.0 is out! [update: please report conversion issues]

This morning we could finally release version 5.0! The update is available in the app store. Explore the new features like the location picker to insert coordinates, the photos tab and the improved performance. Happy caching! WARNING! There are some reports coming in about databases that are not correctly converted to version 5.0. We’re researching […]

Version 5.0 Public Beta is out

Two weeks ago we could send out the first public beta of iCaching 5.0 and last week the second beta. Eventually, version 5.0 brought much more code changed than initially intended, so it took much more time than expected to finish it. But with this version we have a good foundation for the future. Apart […]

A small update on it’s way

Just pressed the submit button for version 4.97.7. A small update which fixes some little bugs reported by customers. Also added some small improvements. The most important one: in addition to the existing cmd-backspace keystroke (like in Finder), you can delete a cache from the list with just delete or backspace alone. So when Apple […]

How about that version 5.0 you’re talking about?

That’s a good question. Let me explain. The major features I planned for version 5.0 were a Yosemite look and feel, a geocache images tab and a location picker (to choose a location for corrected coordinates, API searches and home locations. See screenshot). To implement these features I had to make major refactorings in the existing […]