API-support on the horizon (part II)

Tonight we unveil another aspect of the API-implementation in the next iCaching: the pocket query dialog got a complete make-over.
In the old version, you got a web view with the pocket query page of the geocaching website.

The new version lists all available pocket queries in a clear list. Queries that are new, or generated after the last download, are marked with a ‘new’ badge.

Each pocket query can be downloaded as ‘traditional’ zipped GPX-file by clicking the ‘Download File’ button. This is blazing fast, but doesn’t give you the new cache properties like favorite points etc.
The other method is ‘Download data’. Then all cache-data is downloaded through the API with all new properties included. The downside is that it’s (much) slower, therefore we offer both options.

BlogQuery window

API-support on the horizon

After a very long time of developing, version 4.0 with geocaching Live API support is on the horizon. Last weekend we send the first beta version to Groundspeak for approval of our API implementation. This week we will unveil some of the new features.

Warning: It may take a while before this version is production ready. The last debug work, translations and help file creation will take some time. But the update will be free, so you have something to look forward to….

Maybe one of the most asked features is support for favorite points. While geocaching.com doesn’t include them in pocket query files, there is no way to import these favorite points without using the API. So for version 4.0 they’re in!

You can view them in the cache-list and sort on them if you want:


Add or remove favorite points to and from caches in the Info Tab (on Lion or higher systems):

Of course we also added filtering on the number of favorite points:

And last but not least we added a new Library folder for your favorited caches:

Well, that’s it for today. Keep an eye on the site for more….

New in iCaching 3.6

Today we released iCaching 3.6. This release fixes a few bugs from version 3.5, but also adds some great new features:
We integrated GCVote, a third-party rating system for geocaches. Every time you import geocaches, iCaching checks the GCVote-rating. You can also sort and filter on this rating.
Moreover it’s also possible to vote for the cache quality yourself. Insert your geocaching-name in the iCaching preferences, obtain a password from GCVote.com (see instructions on their site www.gcvote.com) and start voting (Lion or higher required).

We redesigned the Waypoints-tab with a more clear layout. And on the Logs-tab we added some new filters; easily filter your own logs (insert your geocaching username in iCaching preferences first) and/or filter for text in the logs.