iCaching version 4.0 released!

Finally it’s there: iCaching 4.0 with API support!

There were moments even we thought this wouldn’t happen 🙂

You’ll find a complete revamped Pocketquery window, with downloads as file or through the API. (Premium users only)

Through the API you can also query the Geocaching.com database directly. Define your criteria and download those caches.

Just before going out in the field you can refresh the cache-availability from the cachelist, so you won’t be searching for archived caches.

From the Info Tab you can add or remove Favorite points to and from Geocaches. (Premium members)

On every start of iCaching it will check your last logs to keep track of your found caches.

This is the first step in supporting the API. More functions will be added over time.

Happy (i)Caching!