iCaching is the all-in-one Geocache manager for the Mac.

It is a fast, native app with a real Mac userinterface like you’re used to from applications like iTunes. Available in the Mac App Store

Happy (i)Caching!


There is a demo version available for download here:


If you get a ‘can’t be opened warning’, you can open the application by right click (or cmd-click), and choose the ‘Open’ menu item. In the following warning dialog click ‘Open’ and it will run normally from now on.



iCaching makes it very easy to import geocaches from different sources; GPX- and LOC-files, the API or Pocketquery dialog.

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Geocaching Live API


From version 4.0 iCaching supports the Geocaching.com API. Through the API you have direct access to Geocaches, Pocketqueries and much more.

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After organizing your geocaches you want to take them with you for the hunt. iCaching supports a lot of GPS devices and fileformats for exporting your geocaches.

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Caches can be organized by Folders. iCaching has three types of Folders:

  • The Library with predefined folders like: All caches, My founds, My Caches etc.
  • ‘Regular’ Folders, for each Pocketquery import, one folder is created, you can also create folders yourself
  • Smart Folders are folders based on search criteria.

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Cache list


The cache-list is highly customizable. You can select which columns you want to see by right-clicking the column-headers, resize the columns and/or rearrange columns.

The content of the table can be sorted by every column, just click the column-header.

The counter below the list indicates the number of caches in the list. And unavailable caches are grayed out.

Interactive Map



Show your caches and home location on the interactive map. Clicking on the Map brings you to a the cache.

View the caches on Google Maps, OpenStreetMaps or OpenCycleMaps

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Information tabs



iCaching presents all cache-information in tabs below the cache list:

  • The Info-tab gives a clear overview off all the properties of a geocache: type, size, terrain, difficulty and so on. You can also insert solved coordinates, (un)favorite caches and add a note.
  • The Description tab shows the offline description of a cache
  • The Web tab shows the geocaching webpage for the cache
  • The Waypoints tab presents the additional waypoints
  • The Logs tab shows the logs

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Home locations


iCaching can contain multiple home-locations as center point for filtering and sorting on distance and bearing.

iCaching will automatically get your homelocation from Geocaching.com.

Searching and Filtering


The quick searchfield on the toolbar is a fast way to filter the visible caches.

For more complex filtering based on one or multiple criteria, and even compound filters to combine criteria in ‘all’, ‘one off’ or ‘none’ conditions.

You can save a filter as a Smart Folder for convenient reuse of your filters.

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