New features for next release

As explaned in the previous post, the next version of iCaching focusses on improving the underlaying code of import and export routines. But that delivers some new features too:

– You’ll get speed improvements during these background operations.
– You can import bigger GPX-files without crashes.
– All background operations are cancelable.

And beside that, we added a new screen to the preferences panel. In this screen you can define the time-period for the following Library folders: New Caches, Recently Imported and Outdated Info.

And -last but not least- you can decide whether you want to hear the ‘ping’ when a background operation is finished 🙂

Together with Apple Developer support, we also solved a nasty bug that makes iCaching crash after import for some users.

We want to send this version to Apple this week. The guys in Cupertino are on holiday next week, so I hope it can be released early next year.

The new preferencepane tab.

The new preferencepane tab.