It’s been too long since I wrote a post on the site. So you deserve a little update on the development of iCaching.

We’ve been investigating a bug some users have when downloading pocketqueries through the API. we couldn’t reproduce the issue on the development machines, so it was like searching blindfolded. But the first reports on the fixed beta from users suffering from this issue are promising.

New feature

A big new feature we’re working on is geocaching logging from iCaching through the API. Today I wrote my first log in iCaching, so we’re making progress 🙂
It will be possible to add selected caches to a log queue, or to download the geocache_visits.txt from paperless Garmin devices to load your fieldnotes from your GPSr to the log queue.
In the queue you can edit one or more logs at the same time.
The queue will show the find count and it will be possible to sort the queue by drag and drop.

Does anyone know whether Magellan has a similar fieldnote file?

As always; can’t give a timeframe for the new version (still a lot work to do), but stay tuned…

The very first log written in the new log function.

The very first log written in the new log function.