The mysterious mystery of disappearing mysteries

That’s a kind of nice title, isn’t it? 🙂

Last week IDisappearingMystery began to receive mails from users ‘complaining’ that iCaching doesn’t recognize ‘Mystery’ caches as such. One user also dived into the GPX-files and discovered that Groundspeak, all of a sudden, has decided to rename the <type>-tag from “Geocache|Unknown Cache” to “Geocache|Mystery Cache”. To make things even worse, they already had a naming inconsistency between GPX-files and de API, where the latter called these “Unknown (Mystery) Cache”.

Although the new name is like we geocachers call this cachetype, I can’t apprecate the renaming-fever at Groundspeaks headquarter. Two weeks ago I discovered myself that they also renamed the additional waypoint-type “Stage of a multicache” into “Physical waypoint”, and “Question to answer” into “Virtual waypoint”. This renaming breaks compatibility with applications like iCaching, but also with the cachetypes on your paperless GPS-devices.

The workaround at the moment is to update the caches through the API instead of GPX-files. We’ll make iCaching recognize the new names from the next update. On the export-side of iCaching we’ll keep the old names. This way, your GPS will still recognize the correct cache- and waypoint types.