Version 4.6 Released

Last week version 4.6 was released. This version is a pretty minor release after the big feature 4.5 version. Albeit this new version adds some handy interface elements. We added Folder and Geocache menus to the main menu for commonly used functionality. We also added the ability to collapse parts of the main window, like the listpane to the left and the tabs pane at the bottom. Perfect for users with a smaller screen. Tip: take a look at the keyboard shortcuts!

There are also multiple bugs solved. Most important ones: timezone issues with logging of caches and crashes on import (some users experienced this, but unfortunately not reproducable on our development machines).

Today we send version 4.65 to Apple for review, to solve some more bugs. In version 4.6 we introduced an issue that the Map jumps to the home location every time the Map is activated. There was also an issue with photo’s sticking to multiple logs. Both will be solved.