Public beta of iCaching with new Groundspeak API

Last year Groundspeak announced their new API. It has more features then the old one, but is is completely different. This meant a lot of work to rewrite big pieces of code to make iCaching work with the new API (did I mention that it was a lot of work?).

For now the features are equal to the existing version, but a lot of the communication is faster than before.

To make sure that all this new shiny code is working correctly, I’d like to run a public beta. You can download the beta version from:

It will work for a month, and you can run it next to your current version.

Please let me know if something does not work as expected via the Support web page (mention ‘beta’ in the subject). If the app crashes, please copy the crash report into the message so that I can interpret the crash and fix the code.

Happy iCaching!