App Store review mess – iCaching might break this weekend

iCaching works with an API provided by Groundspeak to enable features like downloading geocaches, pocket queries, placing logs etc. Groundspeak released a new API and will close their old API this weekend (June 1st 2019).

I’ve been working on a new version for a big part of last year to support the new API so that iCaching keeps working like you are used to.  Yes, it was that much work, and I have to do it in my free time.

About three weeks ago it was finally ready and I send this update to the App Store for review and release. But all of a sudden, after 4 years of having the Geocaching API in the application, Apple is making big problems now and rejected this update.
They stated that I should offer (premium) Geocaching membership as an in-app-purchase.

After this first rejection, I appealed and they admitted that I was right. I only had to remove a reference to the premium (paid) membership. I changed iCaching accordingly and submitted a new version.
To my bug surprise they rejected this update again (after keeping it in review for almost 4(!) days (normally it’s only one day). They are now stating again that I should offer membership to as in-app-purchase and that I’m not allowed to show the login webpage of Geocaching as that offers the ability to create an account.

This is complete bull shit, as this is a membership of and not in control of that. So I am not even able to do this.

I’m discussing with them for two weeks now, and this process is utterly frustrating and makes me completely mad!
I hope for fellow developers of other (iOS) Geocaching applications that they don’t become a victim of Apples’ subscription witch hunt as well, as that will break the whole community.

UPDATE: Apple keeps messing up

You might understand that this most probably means that version 8.0 with the new API support will not be out before Groundspeak shuts off their old API (I asked them for a prolongation, but I’m afraid they will not grant that favour).

As an intermediate solution I made a version that you can download from here.

This (beta) version has the new API, and you can use it for a month. It will work seamlessly with your library.

I really hope that Apple will come to its senses soon and the update will come in the App Store.

I’m really really sorry for the inconvenience, and I’ll do what I can to resolve this issue.

Kind regards,