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New: Czech localisation

The biggest new thing in the latest iCaching version is the addition of Czech localisation. Geocaching is pretty big in the Czech Republic and I got several request for this locale. So now finally its there 😉 iCaching now supports 5 languages: English, Dutch, French, German and Czech. Hereby a big thank you for my […]

Raising minimum macOS version

It’s never nice to abandon an old macOS version. But from time to time, I have to do that. This is the only way to be able to use Apples latest APIs and techniques. The version that I will drop from iCaching 10.4 is macOS 10.12 (Sierra). The good news is that all Macs that […]

Export to GGZ and macOS Monterey 12.3

Recently Apple released the latest update of macOS Monterey version 12.3. Since that version Apple removed the build in Python support. Unfortunately exporting geocaches to GGZ relies on a Python script that converts the GPX files to a GGZ file. This means that export to GGZ is not working anymore from this macOS update. I […]

Bookmark sync feature

Hello iCachers, It’s been a long time since the last post here. This summer I quietly released iCaching 10.0 with a very great new feature: automatic sync of bookmark folders. When you have bookmark lists on the Geocaching.com website, they will now automatically appear in the left pane of iCaching. Changes you make to the […]

Happy birthday; iCaching 10 years!

Unbelievable, but it is already 10 years ago that iCaching was released in the (then brand new) Mac App Store. As geocacher and Mac user I was at that time searching for a tool to help me prepare geocache trips. But there were only a few very limited tools available. When I prepared a trip […]

Personal note and coordinate sync

Hi dear iCaching people, Last week a new version of iCaching rolled out. The tentpole feature of this version is the new sync for personal notes and corrected coordinates. This was a much requested feature. At first I was hesitant to build it, because of the fact that it will overwrite the values that you […]

Version 9.0.1 out, problem solved :-)

Last week I proudly released version 9.0 of iCaching with a whole new look, fitting in macOS Big Sur and native support for the new M1 Apple silicon Macs. Unfortunately, the new search item on the toolbar appeared to crash on machines that are not upgraded to macOS Big Sur yet, even though Apple promised […]

It is coming….

Today is a very special day, Apple will tonight announce the first Macs with their own processor replacing Intel processors. I also expect them to announce macOS 11 Big Sur availability somewhere this week. The good news for iCaching: I am almost ready with a new look fitting in the new Big Sur design language. […]

Unexpected crashes using Map functions in macOS Catalina

Since the release of macOS Catalina some users report crashes when using one of the map views in iCaching. Unfortunately these are caused by a bug in macOS. When using those views, the system should ask permission for iCaching to be able to access the location services. However, instead it crashes the application. I reported […]