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Change by Groundspeak makes API import crash [updated]

Update: kuddos to Groundspeak, they reversed the change that broke the import. Should be working fine again. — Unfortunately something seems to be changed on Groundspeaks side of the API. Now most API imports make iCaching crash. I was notified about this by several users (thanks for that!). I’ve made a hot fix and will […]

Issues with Google Maps, replacement with Apple Maps

Unfortunately there are reports coming in about problems with the Map in iCaching. Apparently Google changed something on their servers that makes the map sometimes not appear. Users tell me that it spontaneously starts and stops working. Because this is an issue on their side, I can’t solve it right now. But at the moment […]

It’s been too long…

It’s been way to long since the last post here. But I can assure you, it’s not because nothing happened… Last month I released iCaching 6.0 (and two smaller fix updates) featuring a vastly improved logging window. It’s now easier than ever to log all your geocache finds (and yes, also your DNFs :-). Start […]

iCaching 5.7 with Pocket Query notifications released

Yesterday I released version 5.7 of iCaching. Big new feature is the Pocket Query notification. iCaching lets you know when a new pocket query is available for download. And you can download it straight from the notification, without going to the pocket query window. Furthermore we refreshed several parts of the application with a new […]

Issue with login to Groundspeak API

Several users contacted me reporting not to be able to log in to the Groundspeak API from within iCaching. I started an investigation, but even an older version of iCaching (that did work for sure previously) cannot log in any more. So it was not a code change on iCachings side that broke the login. […]

Version 5.5 with trackable logging is live

This message is a bit late, but in the meantime version 5.5 went live. This version has a completely revamped logging window, and adds the ability to log trackables along with your cache logs. When preparing the logs, it keeps track of your inventory. So if, for instance, you log a trackable as ‘Retrieved’ from the […]

Filter caches excluding mine

We regularly get the question if it is possible to make a filter that excludes owned caches. At first sight this might seem impossible, but it is possible. In the Filter dialog you can add so called compound filters. You can nest other filters in such a compound filter row. Hold the option key (also called […]

iCaching 5.1.2

Today we release iCaching 5.1.2 in the Mac App store. Especially on Mac OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) there were several flaws that are fixed in this version. Apart from the fixes we also added some nice improvements. Improved: – Multiple logs for the same possible in Log Window – Can load field notes from Looking4Cache […]

iCaching 5.1

Today in the App Store: iCaching version 5.1 This version fixes the known rough edges of version 5 as mentioned in the release notes in the App Store. And we add a nice new feature: a Map on the Waypoints tab. Now you can see the location of the cache and the additional waypoints in one […]