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Snow Leopard and Yosemite

Since the start of iCaching more than four years ago, we’ve continuously been improving the application making it the most popular Mac Geocaching application. It takes a lot of effort to make and keep it state of the art. Until now every update has been available for all users, although some new features were not […]

What is coming up?

Let’s give an update about the near future of iCaching. Within a few days we hope to submit a version 4.70 to Apple for review. This will be a bugfix release for the following issues: – Sorting the cachelist after adding or deleting caches isn’t always working correctly – The number of founds is not […]

Version 4.6 Released

Last week version 4.6 was released. This version is a pretty minor release after the big feature 4.5 version. Albeit this new version adds some handy interface elements. We added Folder and Geocache menus to the main menu for commonly used functionality. We also added the ability to collapse parts of the main window, like the listpane […]

The mysterious mystery of disappearing mysteries

That’s a kind of nice title, isn’t it? 🙂 Last week I began to receive mails from users ‘complaining’ that iCaching doesn’t recognize ‘Mystery’ caches as such. One user also dived into the GPX-files and discovered that Groundspeak, all of a sudden, has decided to rename the <type>-tag from “Geocache|Unknown Cache” to “Geocache|Mystery Cache”. To make […]

Version 4.5 is in the Mac App Store now

From now on you can log your finds (or didn’t finds) directly from iCaching. Even including photos. This was one of the most asked features. You can import the fieldnotes from your GPS, or select caches from your database to log them. iCaching keeps track of your number of finds, you can reorder the logs by […]

Update website

We had some trouble with the hosting of our website, so we had to re-setup the site. While doing this, we saw room for improvement, so the site has a new structure: the main features are listed on the homepage now and there is one support page for the faq and contact form. We hope […]

Tips and tricks: using filters

iCaching has a pretty powerfull filtering mechanism. You can do a single filter action by pressing the magnifier icon in the toolbar, but you can also save a filter as a so called ‘Smart Folder’. The filter dialog uses a standard Apple interface element to create the filters, but apparently not all users are familiair […]

Just re-uploaded version 4.4

After a three week struggle with a technical issue concerning App Store approval, I just resubmitted version 4.4 for review. So when the guys of the review team don’t have another surprise, this update can be available soon. This release is mainly a bugfix release. We managed to solve a bug in the importroutines for […]


It’s been too long since I wrote a post on the site. So you deserve a little update on the development of iCaching. We’ve been investigating a bug some users have when downloading pocketqueries through the API. we couldn’t reproduce the issue on the development machines, so it was like searching blindfolded. But the first […]