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New features for next release

As explaned in the previous post, the next version of iCaching focusses on improving the underlaying code of import and export routines. But that delivers some new features too: – You’ll get speed improvements during these background operations. – You can import bigger GPX-files without crashes. – All background operations are cancelable. And beside that, […]

Time for an update

It’s about time for an update on our work on iCaching. We’re still busy with the big refactoring of the applicationcode. Last week we’ve been rewriting big parts of the import-routines. There are two main reasons for this: – bugfixing (unfortunately some users are reporting crashes after import of pocketQueries) – better readable and extendable […]

iCaching 4.25 released

iCaching 4.25 is mostly a bug-solving-release. However, in version 4.25 we redesigned the usernote on the Info tab. Scrolling inside the note is improved and it is more easy on the eye. And besides: the old note wasn’t sharp in the upcoming OS X 10.9 Mavericks. So iCaching is fully prepared for 10.9 now.

Cleanup the code

During the summer holidays we did a little programming on iCaching. Instead of adding new features, we focussed on cleaning up the codebase. Improve, cleanup and optimalization of the code. The result is a more stable and a little faster iCaching. And more room for adding new features in the future. Still wanting to add […]

New website

Alongside the new version of iCaching, we also release our new site. The new site contains information about all the new features of iCaching. The new site is fully responsive, so you can enjoy it on your desktop, but also on your iPad or smartphone. We have more screenshots than ever, so you get a […]

iCaching version 4.0 released!

Finally it’s there: iCaching 4.0 with API support! There were moments even we thought this wouldn’t happen 🙂 You’ll find a complete revamped Pocketquery window, with downloads as file or through the API. (Premium users only) Through the API you can also query the Geocaching.com database directly. Define your criteria and download those caches. Just […]

API-support on the horizon (part III)

For those wondering whether iCaching 4.0 is still on its way, there is good news: it is nearing completion. Translations are almost done, the help files are ready and we’re ironing out the last bugs. It is also send to groundspeak for approval of the API use. So we ask for a little patience… In […]

Happy birthday iCaching

Today two years ago iCaching was launched in the Mac App Store. After a half year of programming we dared to release the first version. This version had only GPX-import and -export. The Map inside the app was a static Google Map without zooming, panning etc. But there was a lot of enthusiasm about the […]

API-support on the horizon (part II)

Tonight we unveil another aspect of the API-implementation in the next iCaching: the pocket query dialog got a complete make-over. In the old version, you got a web view with the pocket query page of the geocaching website. The new version lists all available pocket queries in a clear list. Queries that are new, or generated after […]

API-support on the horizon

After a very long time of developing, version 4.0 with geocaching Live API support is on the horizon. Last weekend we send the first beta version to Groundspeak for approval of our API implementation. This week we will unveil some of the new features. Warning: It may take a while before this version is production […]