Bookmark sync feature

Hello iCachers,

It’s been a long time since the last post here. This summer I quietly released iCaching 10.0 with a very great new feature: automatic sync of bookmark folders.

When you have bookmark lists on the website, they will now automatically appear in the left pane of iCaching. Changes you make to the list in iCaching will sync back to and vice versa. These Bookmark folders work like the normal Folders in iCaching, so you can drag and drop caches in them, remove caches from them etc. But then it syncs.

This makes iCaching the perfect companion for the mobile geocaching apps; first you start exploring a nice collection of geocaches on your big Mac screen, and put them in a Bookmark folder.

Then you go out in the field with the mobile app and search geocaches from the synced Bookmark folder in the app. For the geocaches you find, you create a quick ‘draft’ log in the app.

And once your back home, enjoying a nice coffee or beer, you go to the Log window in iCaching and you get the draft logs from and you make nice complete logs from them, describing your adventures finding those caches.

I really hope you enjoy this feature, and please let me know what you think of it.

Happy (i)Caching!