A lot of questions of our users are about the devices supported by iCaching. Therefore we’ll try to make this list as complete as possible.

There are many different devices available in the market (and we really mean many!), so we don’t know every device. The devices in this list are confirmed to work, but there may be more devices that will work, we don’t know about. So please let us know your experience, this way we can help other geocaches with the same devices.

Supported Paperless devices (GPX)

  • Montana
  • Oregon
  • GPSMap
  • Dakota
  • Colorado
  • Etrex

Supported legacy devices (Only USB)

  • GPSMap 60
  • Etrex (Vista, Legend, Summit, Venture, H)
  • GPS60

Indirectly supported

For this device you have to export a GPX file from iCaching with the ‘Export to File’ function. This GPX-file can be transferred to the device by the Android File Transfer Tool.

If somebody knows a way to access this device directly from Finder, please let us know…

  • Monterra (android)

Supported paperless devices

  • PN-60

Supported legacy devices

  • PN-20
  • PN-30
  • PN-40

Supported paperless devices

  • Explorist (310, 510, 610, 710, GC)

Supported legacy devices

  • Meridian
  • Explorist (210, 400, 500, 600, XL)

Falk devices are indirectly supported. You have to export a GPX file from iCaching (max 1.000 caches) and place this file on your device by the Falk Navi-Manager.

  • Lux serie
  • Ibex serie

I’ve read in a review on internet that it is possible to place a GPX to the device in Finder. If that’s the case indeed, we’d really like to get a confirmation. In that case it is possible to add the device to the ‘Export to GPS’ function for direct one-step support.

Use ‘Export to File’ to save a points of interest file for your TomTom by the ‘Export to File’ function. Save as .asc or .ov2 file and place this file onto the TomTom.

And apart from this list, iCaching is compatible with every device that accepts the ‘standard’ Pocket Query files from Geocaching.com. If you can access the storage of your device from the Finder, it is possible to export straight from iCaching too.