iCaching 8.0 finally available in the App Store, but…

You might have seen that Apple finally approved iCaching 8.0. But they gave me a warning that they could not ensure that for a next update they might still have problems with the login screen for the API.
They want me to remove the ability to sign up for Geocaching.com there, which I cannot do as this is a Groundspeak webpage….
The rush to the API switch deadline was the reason that I was not able to test and finish everything for version 8.0 as I am used to do. So unfortunately there are a few issues in this version. Biggest of them is a last minute change that I made that now results in caches marked as being unavailable when they are imported via the API (all due to a stupid typo in the code).
As that is the most annoying bug, I fixed that now in a version that you can download from: https://www.dropbox.com/s/1lwb4kodbyejr5t/iCaching%20beta.zip?dl=0
In the meantime I am also preparing my new home, so my time is pretty constrained. Please bear with me, I’ll do what I can to bring iCaching back to the quality level you are used to as soon as possible.
Have a good weekend, happy (i)Caching,