Personal note and coordinate sync

Hi dear iCaching people,

Last week a new version of iCaching rolled out. The tentpole feature of this version is the new sync for personal notes and corrected coordinates.
This was a much requested feature.

At first I was hesitant to build it, because of the fact that it will overwrite the values that you might have entered on Therefore, when you change a personal note (the yellow area on the Info tab) or you change a corrected coordinate, iCaching will ask you if you want to send it to
You can check the ‘never ask again’ button to remember your choice depending on your preferred workflow. You can always change this choice in the Preference window.

When syncing personal notes, iCaching needs to do a separate network call to the Geocaching API for every single note. And this is only allowed once every two seconds. So when editing several notes simultaneously , this could have resulted in a very slow operation. This meant that I had to remove the ability to edit the personal note for several selected geocaches in one go.

If your workflow depends on downloading GPX files from Geocaching (instead of calling the API functions to download geocaches), then be careful; if you send the corrected coordinates to, they will replace the coordinate in GPX files with the corrected one without any indication that this is a corrected coordinate. So when you import those into iCaching, the original coordinate will become the same as your corrected one, which might be very confusing. In the API responses there are luckily separate fields for original and corrected coordinates. So no problem there.

Groundspeak only allows this feature for premium users.

I really hope you enjoy this new version!