Second public beta of iCaching with new Groundspeak API

The clock is ticking towards the end of the old Groundspeak API. Before that time a new iCaching must be released that supports the new API. Recently I posted the first public beta of this version. I’m very thankful for the valuable feedback that was given to that beta version. All points that were mentioned are fixed in this second beta.

The first beta had still some usage of the old API, but this second beta is new API only.

Feel free to test this version and please let me know (via the form on the ‘FAQ’ page) when you find anything that is not working as it should. I might not always respond (quick), but your feedback is definitely read and used.

When giving feedback, please describe:

  • the steps you followed
  • what happened
  • what you expected to happen

And mention ‘beta 2’ in the title of your message.

Download here

Thanks in advance and happy (i)Caching!