Happy birthday; iCaching 10 years!

Unbelievable, but it is already 10 years ago that iCaching was released in the (then brand new) Mac App Store.

As geocacher and Mac user I was at that time searching for a tool to help me prepare geocache trips. But there were only a few very limited tools available. When I prepared a trip with a friend I was a bit jealous on his Windows tool called GSAK. In the same period I was trying to figure out developing software for the Mac as a hobby, while I created some small tools on Windows before I switched to Mac. So that became the start of iCaching.

Few months after I had the first very limited version of iCaching, Apple introduced the Mac App Store. Then it became my goal to make my little tool available for other Mac geocachers. Around three months after the inception of the App Store, I had a version that was good enough to release to the public.
For reference, the most actual macOS version at that time was 10.6 Snow Leopard.

iCaching 1.0

In all those years, many many hours of development went into the app, which is now a really mature versatile geocaching tool. My goal is still what it was back then: make a tool that is easy to use in a way that Mac users expect. So respect the user interface guidelines and sometimes don’t add features if it will make the user interface cluttered and unclear.

I wish everybody a lot of fun with iCaching in a lot more years to come.

Marius de Reus

Ps. If you want to recommend iCaching to a geocaching mate, then now is the time to do so. For this special occasion I do a one time promotion with 30% off the usual price from March 15 to April 14 2021.