What is coming up?

Let’s give an update about the near future of iCaching. Within a few days we hope to submit a version 4.70 to Apple for review. This will be a bugfix release for the following issues:

– Sorting the cachelist after adding or deleting caches isn’t always working correctly
– The number of founds is not always correct after sending logs to Groundspeak
– The ‘Get more logs’ button on the Log tab doesn’t work.
– Uploading photos with logs doesn’t always work correctly.

In the meantime we’re also working on a big new 5.0 release. There are two main themes for this release: bring the UI (including the App Icon!) in line with the upcoming new OS X version (Yosemite) and secondly; add Geocache Photos to the mix. The release of this version will take a little time, but we hope to be ready when Apple is ready to launch Yosemite.